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SED Search / Replace Multiple Files

I’m a big fan of the “replace” utility included in the mysql client package. With this utility you can search/replace a string of text across multiple files like this:

Quick and easy!

But on occasion I’m on a system that doesn’t have the mysql client package so here’s a similar function using find and sed:


Forcing ARP table flush

I just ran across this method for remotely forcing a gateway to flush an
arp entry when you move IP addresses around.

1) Download/install “arping” from the following URL. System will need
libnet-devel and libpcap:

2) Run this command: arping -c 1 -S a.a.a.a b.b.b.b

Where “a.a.a.a” is the IP you’ve moved, and “b.b.b.b” is the gateway IP.
Run this from the server to which you moved the IP. This should force
the gateway to flush its arp entry for that source IP.


Plesk Horde Vulnerablity Fix

Below is the quick fix for the Plesk-Horde vulnerability.

Manually apply a patch to the Horde Permission’s User Interface code to
“remove” the “All Authenticated Users” option from the HTML form:

A quick fix to hide this setting in the UI code is to add HTML comments
(“<! –” … “–>”) around the “All Authenticated Users” options in the
HTML form. Basically, it is to add “<! –” at line 63 and “–>” at
(original) line 81 in /usr/share/psa-horde/templates/shares/


Convert SSL cert from PEM to PK12

Convert a PEM file containing a private key, certificate and CA certificates to a PK12 (*.pfx) file suitable for use on a Windows IIS server:


RH FC4 SSH with Rescue Boot CD

Do the following to get sshd up and running on a FC4 system booted from the rescue CD with networking enabled:

If you get errors about the random number generator not being seeded then you might have to copy the cd’s /dev/ files to /mnt/sysimage/dev/ using tar.