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LFTP With GoDaddy

Trying to get my usual mirror script working with GoDaddy but it kept hanging with “Delaying before reconnect…”. Solution turned out to be adding:

to the options.  Thanks to unsigned_nerd for this one!



Percona XtraDB Upgrade With Yum Shell

Ran into dependency problems today trying to upgrade a Percona XtraDB server cluster. Yum shell to the rescue:

This way I can run the remove and installs as part of a single transaction.


Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on IIS

If you need to force HTTPS on the entire site then add the following to the web.config file:

If you want to force HTTPS on a specific URL, then use this instead:





Redirect HTTPS to HTTP

If you want to redirect all HTTPS traffic to HTTP then add the following to your .htaccess file:



Block Access To .git And .svn Folders

On Nginx add the following to each “server” block:

And the for Apache add the following to the VirtualHost block: