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ftps with lftp

lftp support ftps (different from sftp). ftps is ftp over an explicit TLS (SSL) connection. We’ve seen a few sites running MS IIS that require ftps and getting lftp to work has been tricky. To make it work verify that your lftp build has gnutls support compiled in with:

This build does not:

Here’s one that does:

Once you have have TLS support in your lftp build then you can put a file with something like this:

The option sets are critical as lftp wants to do “PROT C” by default but Windows wants to see “PROT P”.

  • Timon

    thanks a million for this post, you undoubtedly saved me from many hours of tinkering

  • Thank you!

  • groochen

    lftp -v on my RHEL 5.7 says TLS is not linked, not even OpenSSL, but this all worked..

  • Amit Kumar Jain

    I am interested in the FTPS using lftp package in Cygwin. Please let me know which cygwin version we should use and how to go about this. I have Cygwin but it does not have the mentioned GNUTLS support. It would be helpful if someone can le tme know the cygwin version that would have lftp with gnutls support…

    Thanks in advance

  • pancho

    you are a god! I have been trying for hours to get this working on CentOS 6.4

    A few notes:
    – ldd /usr/bin/lftp does NOT include ssl but your method still works (version 4.0.9)
    – I got “Certificate verification: unable to get local issuer…” error so I added “set ssl:verify-certificate no” to the command string to get it working

  • ATo

    Thank you for this very useful post !
    I’ve been stuck on similar issue for hours…


  • Chris M

    Thanks so much! Saved me a lot of frustration with a vendor who insisted they hadn’t changed anything on their end…