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Determine PHP Version

How can I determine what version of PHP is running on my server?

If you have command line access to the server then type:


And you’ll get a result similar to this:

Be careful using this approach. It is possible that there is more then one install of PHP on your server and the webserver may be using an install that is not in your command line path.

Use the whereis command to check for multiple installs like this:

Notice the second install at /usr/local/bin/php. If we check the version of the second install we might get different.

Another way to determine the version is to create a test page on the webserver.

Place the following line in the file:

Call the file “test.php”. Next with a web browser access the file with:

You’ll get back an extensive report on the configuration of the PHP install on the server. The PHP version will be shown in the title at the top of the report.

Make sure you remove the test.php file after you are finished with it. The file contains information that could assist hackers so you don’t want to leave it sitting around.