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Easy Plesk Access Tricks

Plesk is a popular web hosting control panel used by many of our clients. On servers with Plesk, the control panel is located at:

There are several problems with this URL:

1. It’s hard for users to remember the 8443 on the end and the https on the beginning of the URL.

2. Plesk by default uses a self signed SSL certificate that causes warning to be displayed in the user’s web browser.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put Plesk on a friendly URL like

Also lets have:

automatically redirect to:

Now the your users don’t have to remember the https part either.

Now lets get really fancy. Suppose your customer has a domain named hosted on your server. It would be nice to have the URL:

redirect to:

Guess what – it can all be done! Here’s how:

1. Get an SSL certificate for A $29 cert from GoDaddy will work just fine. Place the SSL key in:


and the SSL certificate in:


2. Next, create /etc/httpd/conf.d/plesk_proxy.conf with the following contents:

Now just restart Apache and you’re ready to go.

Couple of issues to note:

  1. You’ll need to add the hostname to DNS.
  2. Depending on your server config, you may need to place on a dedicated IP address since each IP address can host only a single SSL site.