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Scalr Install Notes

We love Scalr and there’s a great set of instructions for install on CentOS 6.4 but we found there were a number of additional steps that we wanted to share.

Here’s the starting point:

And here are the changes and additions that we found to be necessary when building on a RackSpace Cloud Server:

In step 1 addded:

In step 2.3, added:

In step 3.1, added:

Also in 3.1, secured mysql logins and added .my.cnf file according to these instructions:

In step 3.2, added:

In step 4, should be config.yml instead of config.ini as indicated in the docs.

Also in step 4, when editing config.yml set the:

record to:

And change:

record to:

In step 6, put the vhost config in /etc/httpd/conf.d/vhosts.conf

The default version of rrdtool is too old …. we need at least 1.4:

Now setup rrdcached:

Edit /etc/rc.local and add:

Added following rules to /etc/sysconfig/iptables after the existing ssh rule:

Restart iptables:

Set Apache to start on boot:

Start apache:

Open web browser and go to:

Login as user “admin” with password “admin”.

Go to:

Set new password and Save.