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RackSpace Cloud Networks Bug and Interesting Notes

There’s a bug in the automation for provisioning RackSpace Cloud Servers with Cloud Networks from the control panel. If you setup a server with more then one Cloud Network, the networks get assigned to the wrong interfaces. This is not a problem if all the servers you’re connecting to the Cloud Network are created from the control panel because they will all be consistently wrong. But if some of your server are created from the API then you’ll have a problem because the API automation assigns the networks correctly.

The fix, until RackSpace corrects the bug, is to manually correct the address assignments on the control panel generated cloud servers.

While troubleshooting this issue, RackSpace support pointed out a couple of interesting commands:

To see what your networking should be, you can run this:

And to view a specific interface run:

This will show the config that should be assigned to a particular MAC address.

We love Cloud Networks but hate bugs in automation as we wasted an hour tracking this down!