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Score An “A” On SSLLabs Server Test

Want an A on the SSLLabs server test?

For Plesk create a file here:

and add the following:

For WHM/CPanel do this:

a. go to Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration -> Global Configuration and set “SSL Cipher Suite” to:

b. go to Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration -> Include Editor -> Pre Main Include and add the following lines:

For a standalone Apache server try these:

For Nginx try these lines:

If you get capped at a B due to TLS Compression support you can add:

For older Apache versions this setting may not be available. In this case you can edit the init script (/etc/init.d/httpd) and add this line:

Qualys has a blog post on this subject which provided the Apache and Nginx configs: 

This forum post provided the WHM/Cpanel config: