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Plesk & New Relic

New Relic is a great tool for managing website performance. Recently worked to setup a Plesk 12 server with New Relic. We wanted to have each virtual host on the website represented by an Application in New Relic as documented here:

We found a few useful points that we want to share:

1. The newrelic.appname must be removed from /etc/php.d/newrelic.ini.  If the appname is defined in this file then individual virtual hosts will not be able to override and provide there own appname. Just edit the file and comment out the line like:

2. Set the appname for each virtual host from Plesk by going to:

and adding a line like this:

to the “Additional configuration directives” field. Notice that the appname has two components separated by a semicolon. The first is the domain for the site and the second is the fully qualified server hostname. So for example you might do:

and then another site on the server might be:

Now in New Relic, you’ll see three applications. One for, one for and one for the entire server called