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Changing Magento Path

Suppose you have a Magento Commerce store at:

but you want to change the URL to:

There are plenty of articles that give the basics like:

Basically the steps are:

1. Login to admin, go to Configuration -> Web and change the secure and insecure urls.

2. Move the store/ folder to catalog/

3. Clear cache and sessions folders with

4. Add a rewrite rule in your .htaccess to send traffic from the old path to the new path:

So far so good but we found several additional steps that might be needed. If compilation is turned on then you may need to do:

Next if you have APC installed in PHP then you may need to restart the web server to clear the APC cache with something like:

If you have memcached configured as the cache backend then you’ll also need to restart memcached:

Let us know if the comments if you find any other steps that are needed to successfully move magento to a new path.