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Mixing Plesk open_basedir path syntax

Plesk uses a convoluted syntax for open_basedir settings in Plesk. You can find this setting on a per-domain basis by navigating the Plesk GUI like this:

Domains -> -> PHP Settings -> Common settings ->  open_basedir

The default setting looks like this:

This breaks down as follows:

The first part, {WEBSPACEROOT}{/} means the the entire webspace root, /var/www/vhosts/ in this case. This includes httpdocs and any folder in this path.

The second part {:} is the delimiter.

The third part {TMP}{/} means the /tmp directory

Any additional paths can be added by appending a normal UNIX-style path syntax as in this example:

In this case the default plus the PHP 7.2 pear directory is allowed. You can add as many directories as needed using the UNIX style path syntax in combination with the Plesk default. Be sure to use a colon as your delimiter.