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Configure Spamhaus In Sendmail

On Redhad, edit /etc/mail/ and add the following line towards the end of the file before the first MAILER line:

Then run:


PHPList Install to RackSpace Cloud Server (CentOS)

Here’s a step-by-step to setup a RackSpace Cloud Server with CentOS for PHPList (

  1. Install PHP, PHP IMAP module, PHP MySQL module, MySQL Server and FTP server:

    Apache and a number of other related packages are installed automatically as dependencies.

  2. Set Apache, MySQL and FTP service to start on boot:

  3. Start Apache, MySQL and FTP:

  4. Set MySQL root password:

  5. Download PHPList distribution:

  6. Unpack and install

  7. Add FTP user and set file ownership:

  8. Create database:

  9. Configure firewall:

    From the security level menus, set SELinux to disabled, then customize and allow incoming WWW and FTP.

  10. Setup PHPList config file:

    In the editor, set database parameters.

  11. In your web browser go to:

    You’ll be prompted to initialize the database. Follow the installation screens to complete the install process.

  12. The basic install is now complete.

    The PHPList admin screens are located at:


Zimbra – Set MTA Trusted Networks From Command Line

To view trusted networks as the zimbra user:

To set trusted networks as the zimbra user do:


Disable Qmail Double Bounces

To cleanly handle double bounces:

1. Create a dot-qmail file at /var/qmail/mailnames/ containing:

2. Route double bounces to this file:


Change outgoing IP address for SMTP

On a server, if outgoing email is being blocked by spam filters, I can sometimes get around the problem by using an IPTables rule to force the email out through a different IP address like this: