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Zabbix Proxy Install

Zabbix is our favorite monitoring tool and the new 2.0 release contains a range of great new features.

One of the most useful features of the Zabbix architecture is support for Zabbix proxies. A Zabbix proxy gathers monitoring data and forwards it to the central monitoring server. This is really useful if you have a group of servers inside a firewall that need to be monitored. Just setup a Zabbix proxy inside the firewall and all the monitoring data can be securely forwarded to the central external monitoring server.

The documentation of proxy setup is here:

For a CentOS 6 server here are the steps that I used to install and configure a Zabbix proxy.

  1. Download latest source distribution from
  2. Unpack, compile and install according to docs at:

    Since we’re installing from source we need a selection of build tools which I added with:

    The Zabbix proxy needs a local database. We used SQLite because it’s lightweight and setup is automatic with the new 2.0 version of Zabbix.

    We want SNMP enabled so we’ll need to add the net-snmp devel and libs packages. Also we need the ssh2 packages:

    Now we’re ready to do the build:

    Notice for the configure command we (a) set the install prefix to /usr which is consistent with CentOS; (b) enable the proxy features; (c) select SQLite as the database and (d) enable support for snmp and ssh2.

    Now create a directory for the database and load the initial schema:

    Next, edit /etc/zabbix/zabbix_proxy.conf and set the “Server=” parameter to the address of the zabbix server. Also set the “DBName=” as the path to the database:

    Add startup command to /etc/rc.local:

    Also run the startup command manually to start the proxy for the first time.

  3. Next we’ll configure the central monitoring server to recognize the proxy.
    1. Login to the web interface and go to Administration -> DM.
    2. Click the Create Proxy button.
    3. On the new proxy form, enter the hostname of the proxy into the “Proxy name” field.
    4. Click the Save button
  4. Finally, on install Zabbix Agents as you would normally on the servers to be monitored from the proxy. In the Zabbix web interface, when defining a host monitored via the proxy, set the “Monitored by proxy” field on the host configuration form.