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Install Nova Client With Cloud Networks Support

Nova is the the cloud management command line utility for RackSpace and other OpenStack clouds. Special setup is required to use Nova with RackSpace Cloud Networks.

Here’s the docs from RackSpace:

Here are the steps:

1. Install python-pip package

For RedHat/CentOS we need to install EPEL repository if it’s not already installed:

Now we can install python-pip:

2. Install rackspace version of nova client

If “python-pip” does not work then try:

3. Reinstall nova client from latest github souce:

Note that you might need to install git to complete this step:

 4. Add credentials to .bash_profile

You’ll need to set the appropriate region, account number, username and password.

5. Verify credentials

If this fails with an error like:

then install “pbr” module:

6. Install RackSpace Cloud Networks Virtual Interface extensions

7. List Cloud Networks