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Install Percona Server 5.5 On CentOS 6.5

Today we’re going to install Percona Server 5.5 on a CentOS 6.5 server. Our server is hosted on Amazon AWS but the procedure should be the same for any host.

Percona Server is a drop-in replacement for MySQL that features enhanced performance. You can learn more about Percona here:

We’re going to do our install using the Percona Yum repository. The documentation is here:

Lets get started by adding the repository. Run this command as root:

and you’ll get output similar to this:

Now if you run this command:

You’ll see a list of available packages like:

Since our goal is to install Percona 5.5, we’ll do the following:

The install proceeds like this:

As you can see a number of supporting packages were also installed.

Next let’s configure Percona to start on boot:

And run it for the first time:

which should give some output like:

Notice that the service name for Percona is “mysql” instead of “mysqld” which is used by MySQL.

At this point the Percona Server 5.5 install has been completed.